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Experience Cloud and Media Cloud are Part of a Comprehensive Solution Suite Designed to Bring Consumer Marketing Best Practices to Talent Acquisition

 NEW YORK, March 9, 2017 – Symphony Talent, a comprehensive talent acquisition solutions provider, today announced the launch of Experience Cloud (X-Cloud), an omni-channel experience platform for candidates, employers and employees, and Media Cloud (M-Cloud), an artificial intelligence-based media buying platform for employers. These two solutions deliver a relevant and compelling end-to-end experience for candidates, employers and employees, and position Symphony Talent as the first and only company to offer these integrated capabilities.

“At a time when candidates expect a consumer experience that provides relevance and personalization at every step, most companies are grappling with a fragmented and inconsistent talent acquisition process that is leaving money, time and the best talent on the table. In response, Symphony Talent has developed a true end-to-end solution that unifies the process for both the employer and the candidate,” commented Roopesh Nair, president and CEO, Symphony Talent. “These new solutions tap into the power of data, technology and recruitment marketing to redefine the way companies and candidates connect.”

The new solutions — along with Symphony Talent’s creative and employer brand agency, Hodes — create a next-generation talent acquisition platform that combines employer branding, recruitment marketing, candidate management and employee engagement. This combined solution set helps companies approach candidates like consumers, from the first point of interaction across the paid, owned and earned digital landscape and throughout the entire candidate journey. Rooted in an omni-channel analytics platform that ties data together from all candidate touch-points throughout the process, employers are now able to pinpoint what works best to reach, attract and hire the right candidates and make better informed business decisions to optimize their talent acquisition efforts.

“Organizations competing for talent acknowledge that candidates are consumers. If companies haven’t already embraced this truth in order to understand, find and attract the best talent, the time is now,” commented Madeline Laurano, co-founder, Aptitude Research Partners. “Technologies such as Symphony Talent are not only equipping companies to adopt the very best of marketing principles, but to do so in a way that is simple, data-based and real time.”

X-Cloud Operates as a Recruiting Command Center in a Single Dashboard

Currently in beta release, X-Cloud is an end-to-end omni-channel candidate lifecycle platform that consists of three modules: Recruitment Marketing, Candidate Management and Employee Engagement. Combining data-driven insights and consumer marketing techniques, X-Cloud provides a unified and streamlined experience for candidates, employees and employers. For candidates, X-Cloud gathers data from every point of contact to deliver a relevant, consistent and personalized experience based on their individual persona.

For recruiters, X-Cloud is a first-of-its-kind technology that operates as a command center to find, attract, engage and hire the right candidates for a specific job — all in a single dashboard. X-Cloud creates a seamless, consistent experience throughout the entire talent lifecycle to ensure that engagement continues from first point of interaction, to sourcing for specific jobs, through the interview process, to employee engagement and employee advocacy.

The omni-channel X-Cloud platform allows hiring teams to be predictive instead of reactive by:

  • Addressing current talent demands while proactively nurturing the leads required for future talent acquisition needs.
  • Improving recruiter productivity by building rich talent pools, running behavioral-based marketing campaigns and using artificial intelligence to recommend best fit candidates to jobs.
  • Creating a consistent and personalized candidate experience across paid, owned and earned media, career website, email engagements, talent pools, skills assessment, employee engagement and advocacy, referrals and internal mobility.

M-Cloud Automates and Optimizes Recruitment Advertising

Symphony Talent was the first to offer programmatic media buying to clients nearly a decade ago. Today’s solution, M-Cloud, guides smarter recruitment media buying through artificial intelligence, by automatically calibrating media spend to focus on those sites that provide the best fit and highest-quality candidates, while continually refocusing efforts on the highest priority jobs. Additionally, M-Cloud:

  • Automatically optimizes media spend: every ad programmatically informs the next impression.
  • Creates the right media mix to attract both passive and active candidates.
  • Re-targets candidates across all channels of interaction.
  • Delivers precise, real-time reporting at the job level.

Hodes Delivers Award-Winning Creative to Bolster Employer Brands

As Symphony Talent’s creative and employer brand agency, Hodes, continues to combine award-winning branding work with talent acquisition strategy. The synchronicity of the Hodes creative and employer brand capabilities with Symphony Talent technology solutions creates a unified end-to-end solution that simplifies and streamlines companies’ efforts to reach, attract and retain the best talent. Additionally, the agency:

  • Provides intelligent, insight-based creative work for all employer marketing and employer branding needs.
  • Creates employer value propositions that are research-based, relevant, aspirational and differentiating.
  • Integrates attraction campaigns into change management communications and social content strategy into global careers websites.

For more information on how total end-to-end talent acquisition is serving companies today, join Roopesh Nair and Talent Board Vice President Kevin W. Grossman for a webinar on March 14 at 2pm ET. Register here: For more information on Symphony Talent’s solutions, please view this short video.

About Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent is redefining how employers and talent connect. Applying data-driven consumer marketing best practices to talent acquisition, Symphony Talent provides relevant, personalized engagement between employer brands and candidates through smart technology and creative solutions. At the same time, the process recruiters go through every day to find, engage and manage the right candidates is simplified. The result is a unified end-to-end experience for candidates, employers and employees alike. Companies such as Northwell Health, Chili’s and UnitedHealth Group rely on Symphony Talent to hire the best talent possible. For more information, visit: or follow us on Twitter, @SymphonyTalent.

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