Javier Andreu

Social Media Executive

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New Year, new faces. Javier joined Hodes in early 2017.

Javier holds a BA in Advertising and PR, achieved in Spain, which he has put to work across the creative industries. First at a brand consultancy with views over the Mediterranean sea, and next at a Spanish start-up in Madrid. Copywriting, brand strategy, digital marketing – he’s got a mix of skills he’s always looking to expand.

Following his curiosity and hunger for adventure, he moved to London. Since then, he’s been developing marketing strategies for a healthcare recruitment agency and Social Media campaigns for one of Europe’s leading online printers. He has also worked on the creation of a new brand from scratch as a freelance consultant. At Hodes, Javier puts his knowledge and experience into insightful and creative social campaigns for BBVA, among other clients.

He brings a Mediterranean touch to the team, and is always keen to help his colleagues with their Spanish lessons. He’s also endlessly impressed by the amount of tea people manage to drink here!