Our Graduate Copywriter shares her story after three weeks at Hodes

4th April 2015 / By

by Morven Hamilton

4th April 2015 / By

I should frame this by first saying: I don’t know what it feels like to be ‘a room without a roof’. That kind of deep knowledge is beyond me. I imagine it feels sort of like being a person without a hat, but I suspect that’s not what Pharrell Williams is on about. I do like hats, though, and I also like ‘Happy’: it’s the song that was playing in the Hodes office when Simon Phillips offered me a job as the team’s new Graduate Copywriter. I know, because he held his phone up to the speaker. And if I danced and screamed a little bit, that is entirely between me and my living room (which does in fact have a roof).

I’ve never yet successfully responded to being called Dr. Hamilton, but I really do have a Ph.D. in creative writing. So, the thing I wanted most in my career was to work somewhere with great writers. Somewhere I could loiter near the best wordsmiths and artists, and attempt to absorb their talent by osmosis. I knew I’d get that at Hodes from the first time I saw their job advert.

I suppose that, in a business like ours, Hodes absolutely has to practice what it preaches: the promises you make to attract your employees have to be more than just empty words. They have to be the real deal, and I think our team made sure of that for me. If I made a checklist of all my expectations about my role and the company, they’ve all been ticked off ten times over. That includes everything from the creative work I do, to the regular tea supply I was promised in the job spec. (So far today I’ve been offered tea three times. It is half past eleven.)

It’s been three weeks now since I started, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve looked out a bit though: I’ve never lived in London before, and our new balcony has the most beautiful views of St Paul’s and the Thames. My (non-existent) photography skills totally fail to do them any justice. I’m hoping that our Graduate Art Designer will help me make up for that when she joins us. I’m pretty excited about that, and honestly, I’m just generally thrilled to be here. This is probably as close as anyone ever gets to being a room without a roof. Clap along?