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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Benoy is an international architectural firm that is incredibly successful and well respected. However, to stay relevant, both as a brand and a business, and to offer real value to their internal and external stakeholders, they recognised they needed to evolve – internally and externally.

They came to Hodes having done some external brand research, but at the start of their journey with internal colleagues. First, we needed to do our research and position the Benoy brand so that it would resonate, on an emotional level, with colleagues across the global business. The second challenge was to drive brand advocacy at a grassroots level by finding employer brand ambassadors to shape and share the new vision from within the business. These brand ambassadors would be called ‘Firestarters’.


T H E  S O L U T I O N


We started with insights – reviewing the brand’s history, positioning, ambition, recent brand architecture work and industry to uncover all the elements with emotional importance to Benoy employees and stakeholders. Or in short, everything that makes Benoy today, and what’s needed to make the Benoy of tomorrow. We also identified key current traits that we mapped against the brand operating principles and personality – showing which should be transformed, leveraged or instilled as part of our brands evolution

Internal comms campaign

A multi-layered communication strategy to uncover Benoy Firestarters across the globe was developed. We used the campaign as an opportunity to give employees ownership over the future of our brand.

‘Whatever your Benoy, shape it’ was born.

Our global internal Firestarter communications campaign used bold, playful, plasticine-led imagery as a metaphor for change – inviting our driven, ambitious team to reach out and shape the future of Benoy by becoming a Firestarter. Employees were able to show their interest by emailing a dedicated campaign email address. Every single person in the business given a piece of plasticine and the opportunity to shape it as they saw fit.

Creations were shared on a custom Tumblr to encourage collaboration and reinforce the idea that this was a process that everyone at Benoy could be a part of. The campaign involved a still-life shoot and final collateral included:

– Photographic posters
– Desk drops – including plasticine
– A custom Tumblr dedicated to the creations of employees from around the world
– HTML emails
– Videos
– High-end Firestarter packs

Once found, the Firestarters helped co-create the new Rallying Cry. We uncovered all the themes we needed to write a compelling manifesto and determine the overall rallying cry: Imagine unique. Create remarkable.

Launching the manifesto and business change initiatives

In preparation for the big reveal, we produced a range of collateral to reinforce the Rallying Cry on a global level. This included wristbands, one design for the Firestarters, another for their colleagues, and a ‘camp fire’ plan for each global studio detailing the next steps.

On the 20th February, 2017, the Firestarters were invited to an exclusive live reveal of both the Manifesto and Rallying Cry. The reveal took place simultaneously on both a bespoke microsite and video conference with the Brand Steering Group. The video opened with a powerful CGI animation which used the plasticine motif and kinetic type to show the story so far.


T H E  R E S U L T S  ( S O  F A R )

More than 100 plasticine models were submitted, including models created by the CEO and Chairman

156 employees volunteered to be Firestarters

25% of the Benoy global business volunteered


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