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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Enterprise Rent-A-Car recruit roughly 1000 students every year, so the company must continuously build its recruitment brand and stand out in an extremely competitive market. On-campus plays a key role in its integrated approach to attract student talent. This year, Enterprise Rent-A-Car wanted to create a campaign that would:

– Engage passive students
– Create a real sense of ‘buzz’ and excitement at university campuses
– Start meaningful conversations with students
– Make a clear connection between the on-campus activity and the student opportunities on offer.

T H E  S O L U T I O N

Our solution was a high-energy, interactive funfair-style experience that allowed students to take part in a ‘roll-a-derby’ style game. Students took on the avatar of an Enterprise Management Trainee and had to roll balls into the slots in the quickest time possible – moving their avatar from the ‘Management Trainee’ starting point, to the ‘Branch Manager’ finish. The process of playing the game demonstrated to students, in a fun way, the quick succession they can have in just 2 years – from Management Trainee, to Branch Manager.

Playing in groups of 4, the students had the opportunity to leave with a fun-fair style sweet treat and each group winner was added to a daily leader board, where the overall quickest student of the day won a £120 experience voucher. All players from across the tour were then entered in a prize draw competition to win £250 of activity vouchers.

T H E  R E S U L T S

Our target audience loved this on-campus activity, and the numbers speak for themselves. Across our 12 universities a total of 2169 students took part in the game – an impressive average of 180 per day (during our 6 hour event window).

– Our accompanying social campaign reached 46,6122 students, with 1,762 engagements over the 3 week campaign window.
– We have already seen 28 students apply for roles as a direct impact of the Race To Management event
– So far, 3 hires have been made from Cardiff, UWE and U4 and 8 candidates are still in the recruitment process.

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