Hilton Grand Vacations

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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Formerly part of Hilton Worldwide, Hilton Grand Vacations is now a separate legal entity. However, it lacks brand recognition. Most people associated the HGV brand with resorts alone; in reality, it sells timeshares so there is a whole other level of sales and marketing at play. Adding to the complexity, HGV lacked a clearly defined employer brand and compelling story to showcase its work culture. Unfortunately, its career website was copy heavy, with multi-level talent pages that failed to consider the user experience and didn’t adequately guide candidates down the funnel. Without full ownership over content on its career website, HGV didn’t have the ability to make changes in real time to impact hiring challenges. This was particularly true of its call center in Hawaii, which needed to attract bilingual real estate agents — a fact that required HGV draw from a very small, niche talent pool. Surprisingly, the tropical locale was also challenging to recruit to. HGV had to reevaluate its career website and technology at once. Using multiple systems, its data was scattered, making it difficult — if not impossible — find the crucial information. Manual reports from multiple different sources further contributed to veiled insight.

T H E  S O L U T I O N

In order to pave a new path forward, HGV needed to employ new brand standards that separated it from its predecessor. We began by solidifying its employer brand, highlighting its unique and appealing work culture, by crafting their messaging and design to reflect their new identity. Next, we tackled HGV’s website. Our approach was to design and create a mobile-first, best-in-class career and team member sites. The results of which were a multi-lingual, lightweight, easy-to-navigate site with a simple job search feature and double-sticky navigation at the job level. Using Symphony Talent’s XCloud, Talent Marketing Technology, we complimented the website redesign with all new email, communication and microsite templates based on HGV’s new branding and tone of voice. These new designs made information more digestible and accessible. To drive traffic to HGV’s new site, we created branded smart media banners that enticed potential applicants, encouraging them to apply. And throughout all this, we worked closely with HGV’s HR and Brand Services team to ensure their Employer Brand was brought to life. This process allowed Symphony Talent to create a branded, stream-lined candidate experience that distinguished HGV from its competitors.

T H E  R E S U L T

Using smarter, user-facing design coupled with intelligent technologies, the new site delivered relevant, tailored content to candidates, so they didn’t have to dig for information. The site’s new layout allows for an uninhibited, easy-access user experience from start to finish that feels unique to HGV. And by marrying design with technology, the site could automatically respond to a candidates preferences and interests by providing applicants with tailored, personalized experience.

HGV’s new brand spread beyond the confines of their career site and into the realm of media buys and beyond. Using Symphony Talent’s technology services (M-Cloud and X-Cloud), HGV’s candidate and recruiter experience could finally work together using the same data. This allows for more nuance and precision in targeting, resulting in greater reach for the brand and its messaging.

  • 25% increase in media-attributed hires
  • App-to-hire ratio dropped from 25:1 to a more efficient 14:1
  • 4% decrease in time to hire
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