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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Mayer Brown, known as Mayer Brown JSM in Asia, is a law firm with a long history, and they already had a graduate attraction campaign in place. Running with the tagline ‘Let’s talk law’, Mayer Brown wanted to maintain this position but update its creative expression in a new and more meaningful global campaign for students around the world.

The campaign needed to work across markets and channels with a global graduate careers website, global social content, video content, a brochure, print advertising and event stand all needed as part of the campaign. So in summary the objectives were to create:

– A more creative, more meaningful execution of the existing graduate attraction campaign – Let’s talk law
– A globally relevant multi-channel campaign
– Get Mayer Brown noticed among the many law firms to prospective applicants

T H E  S O L U T I O N

The tagline

We tweaked the endline to embrace the brand equity already in place, but injected more meaning into it with: ‘Law worth talking about’.

The tone of voice

We chose a friendly and unexpected tone of voice that was designed to intrigue students. For example, instead of writing directly about the firm’s presence in China or it’s Real Estate speciality, we write ‘Let’s talk dragons’ or ‘Let’s talk bricks and mortar’ respectively.

The visual style

A bright, varied colour palette was already in place, but it wasn’t being used to its maximum effect. We made the most of it to bring differentiation and intrigue to the campaign. A new visual feature of this campaign was to introduce an own-able visual treatment. We chose origami. Its flexibility allowed us to bring visual impact and constancy across print, digital and video.

Almost no channel was out of scope for this campaign. We executed the campaign across print ads, posters, pull up banners, digital display media, event stands, video, social media and a website. The website needed to work globally and adapt to local market needs – particularly in APAC where Mayer Brown operates under the name Mayer Brown JSM.

Video was a key element of the campaign. Instead of producing standard ‘talking head’ videos of lawyers at Mayer Brown, we created stop motion animations with voice-overs from real lawyers to illustrate the stories of people at Mayer Brown. In keeping with the spirit of intrigue, we chose stop motion subjects that brought interest and mystique to the topic being discussed, for example a piggy bank, a boomerang and a motorbike.


T H E  R E S U L T S

Since launch on 26th September 2016 and as of January 2017:

  • 12,714 visits to careers site
  • 7% increase in new visitors
  • 46,085 page views
  • 2m 39s average time spent on site
  • 477 applications directly from website
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