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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Nestlé came to us with a challenge – raise the profile of their apprenticeship opportunities in everything from Engineering to Finance. Not just in one location, but across the UK. Every year, Nestlé offer outstanding Apprenticeship schemes in locations all over the country. But finding the best, most suitable local talent is no easy task.

Our mission was complex: we needed to help Nestlé reach and inspire individuals who matched their target audience within the typically viewed content channels – namely digital. We also needed to ensure further diversity within their Apprenticeships, particularly among women in Food Manufacturing and factory-based roles.

T H E  S O L U T I O N

Leveraging the most traffic heavy content platform – YouTube. Understanding that the target audience for these roles were typically digitally savvy, heavy content users and engaged with online influencers our approach would utilise an upcoming star to package our message.

We identified @JanaVlogs – a millennial who had increased her Subscribers through fun, engaging and ‘candy’ focussed videos. Her audience matched the required demographic – with a slight majority of females, aged between 16-19 years old.

Once our partnership was established, we set Jana a challenge: to create two engaging, fun, and most importantly Nestlé chocolate themed, videos that highlighted the amazing opportunities at Nestlé. As well as entertaining Jana’s subscribers, the videos needed to take potential talent behind-the-scenes and showcase the profiles of the employees who worked at Nestlé.

Jana travelled to the York Nestlé factory – specifically the KitKat production facility – and shot six hours of footage. Condensed to two videos of around 3 minutes in length, the videos featured mini-interviews with Nestlé apprentices and those involved in the schemes, plus footage that can’t be seen anywhere else – all in a fun, millennial friendly package.

VLOG 1: Jana attempts to make the world’s biggest KitKat in her home kitchen.

VLOG 2: Jana visits the York Nestlé factory where she learns from the experts how to make giant KitKats and interviews Nestlé apprentices.

To reach the tech-savvy audience, we pushed Jana’s vlogs out for a month over social media. The channels included Nestlé Academy’s Facebook and Twitter, where they have a combination of over 6,000 followers. Jana also pushed the videos out to her personal channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – where she has an impressive 49,900 followers. Critically, we chose to push the videos out in conjunction with National Apprentice Week to pick up the buzz around apprenticeships.


T H E  R E S U L T S

Both videos exceeded our expectations. The response they received was incredible and we saw some amazing results – and most importantly met our initial objective to raise the awareness of the Nestlé brand to our target audience allowing us to then move the second part of our strategy and serve the audience relevant job content.

In total, we’ve seen over 70,000 views, hundreds of comments and over 1,000 click-throughs to the Nestlé Academy website. Comments on the video – both on YouTube and across social – were extremely positive, with many individuals expressing their surprise at the opportunities available to them as an apprentice.

With Nestlé’s traditional print and local advertising, there was a lack of attributable reach and response rates. But with this new approach, not only were we able to track this, but the reach was exponential.

– Over 71,500 video views
– Hundreds of comments
– Over 1,000 click-throughs to the Nestlé Academy website


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