Rockwell Collins

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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Rockwell Collins is a global leader in communications and aviation electronics solutions based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As a leader in avionics, they are continually moving forward, towards innovations that impact us all—today, and in the future. It dovetails with the upward trajectory of a career with the company. At Rockwell Collins, we’re expected to be continually learning, growing, and improving, and that kind of environment supports, encourages, and elevates its employees to ever-greater heights of performance and success.

Rockwell Collins is aggressively advancing their business through growth and company acquisition. They realize that they need to attract a younger, highly talented, and innovative workforce to compete for talent against East and West Coast aerospace companies.work_slider_RC1

T H E  S O L U T I O N

Hodes has completed an extensive Employer Brand study and incorporated the resulting creative into a new, mobile responsive career website. This website unites the job data from multiple systems into a single global job search.

“I have been extremely pleased with how closely Hodes listens to us throughout the process. They understand our pain points, requirements and details that are most important to us. They have then gone above and beyond to ensure they are addressing our needs and concerns”.

Stephen Schulz – Director of Talent Acquisition


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