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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Differentiate a genuinely different law firm. Taylor Wessing offer something truly unique: a chance for students to work in sectors they already love. Gaming. Music. Smartphones. Green energy. Fashion. Taylor Wessing’s core specialisms make them recognised experts in the sectors that modern students build their lives around. The students just didn’t know it yet.

T H E  S O L U T I O N

We looked at record studios and music streamers. We looked at games developers. And we found a new approach to advertising law careers. With the rhythm of a techie manifesto, and with artwork inspired by the music streaming industry, we set about writing our campaign manifesto:

This is for the graduate who chases tomorrow.
This is for the student who’s ahead of the curve.
Who thrives on the active; the trending; the now.
The music streamers.The avid gamers.
The green supporters.The soon-to-be lawyers.
Tomorrow is changing and law firms should catch up.
But what if there’s a firm that’s already on the move?
A firm that’s ground-breaking.
A firm that’s game-changing.
A firm that’s smart thinking.
A firm that’s trail blazing.
Well, that would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t it?
TRAIL BLAZING. Taylor Wessing.

Its tempo provided the graduate Brochure’s structure, and its rhythmic headlines became a central design element, surrounded by colour-washed photography in deep, bold shades of the brand’s palette.

Those same headlines became the bold call-outs of our Posters, highlighting Taylor Wessing’s core industries. Photography brought out the clients behind the firm, shifting focus in a way that stands out from the field.

At Careers Fairs, we also introduced an interactive screen, where students could find out more about particular cases, with animations telling the story of Taylor Wessing’s work with Sky, the British Fashion Council, and Spotify vs. the Ministry of Sound.

 Our manifesto also became the narrative thread of our distinctive Film piece. Current trainees, associates, and partners ran through the Taylor Wessing building, wearing GoPro cameras, to pass each other the campaign headlines, on tablets, phones, files, and lunch-trays.


T H E  R E S U L T S

Applications were markedly higher and of better quality

Looking at summer vacation schemes, the number of interview-appropriate candidates rose from 66 in 2015 to 147 in 2016 – an increase of 123%

Amongst those candidates, the number of candidates given an offer at final round assessment centres rose from 50% in 2015 to 65% in 2016

We saw a 59% rise in the number of all vacation scheme applications marked as outstanding, from 32 in 2015 to 51 in 2016

Assessor feedback noted that there was a notable increase in quality at final round interviews, with candidates achieving highest possible overall scores, as well as noting their clear engagement and identification with the Trail Blazing message

Looking at training contracts, the number of applicants so far has already exceeded the final applicants last year– 341 so far, compared to 191 at the same point last year last year. Similarly, interview appropriate candidates have already risen from 53 total last year, to 96 so far this year

Again, we’re seeing a rise in outstanding applications – 29 total last year, compared to 43 this year to date. With this pattern in place, we expect to see, and already are seeing, an incredible rise in quality and quantity of training contract applications by comparison with last year’s statistics

The number of high quality non-Law applicants for all schemes increased by 48%

The campaign had a wider reach across universities – students from 117 universities applied this year, compared with 108 last year

The variety of degrees studied by applicants was more diverse than ever before – a particular success was the rise in applications from science students (esp. Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology) – subjects core to the firm’s specialisms

We also saw a significant rise in applicants from Business Studies, Economics, International Business, International Politics, and International Relations – demonstrating interest from areas never seen before. The new campaign had real breadth of appeal, for applicants in everything from Social Work to American Studies.

At law and career fairs, brochures were given out at a faster rate than ever before – in Warwick, the firm gave out 350 brochures an hour before the end of the fair. On brochure uptake alone, the firm reached an extra 1000 students this year, compared to last year

On-campus stands thrived, with a truly different, fresh offering and interactive content that attracted huge crowds of students, as well as attracting interest from other law firms. On the back of campus events, open day applications rose by an enormous 30%, driving candidates to find out more

The manifesto and imagery of the campaign acted as a huge draw that transformed impressions of the firm, as was continually noted by candidates in their applications and at assessment centres

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