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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

In 2016, the decision was made to merge the two services businesses within Dixons Carphone (Geek Squad and Knowhow) under a completely new brand with a completely different set of behaviours – the new business was called Team Knowhow and promised to be ‘super helpful’ to its customers.

Our challenge was to launch this new brand – not to the public, but to the existing Geek Squad and Knowhow employees who were going to become part of the new services business. The success of the public launch and the ongoing delivery of Team Knowhow services were entirely dependent on the engagement and understanding of employees expected to deliver on the brand’s promises.

We needed an employee engagement strategy and campaign that was detailed and ranging enough to successfully engage the 10,500 employees across new Team Knowhow, and informative enough to embed the brand behaviours in the minds of the employees who need to deliver against them from day one.

  1. Create an engagement and communications strategy and creative executions to launch new Team Knowhow to all employees
  2. Develop a Team Knowhow behaviours campaign engaging and educating employees in their specific roles within Team Knowhow: in-store experts, delivery & install experts, repair experts, on-call experts and support experts

T H E  S O L U T I O N

We created an employee engagement campaign that was integrated across print, digital and internal social channels, with executions specifically targeted at different employee audiences, including a practical managers’ ‘toolbox’, inspiring online and social media resources and an online behaviours game and competition.

Our employee engagement campaign included:

  • Launch posters and pull-up banners
  • A launch microsite: The microsite was the hub for all Team Knowhow launch information, including hosting the animations, important dates, FAQs and uniform information. It was promoted across internal social channels at DC for anybody to view.
  • Brand and behaviour animations: A key design principle for the new brand is that the illustrated experts are, wherever possible, ‘in action’. That meant we incorporated animation and gifs wherever we could, and avoided the experts appearing static. With that in mind, we created a suite of 6 animations to launch Team Knowhow.
  • Intranet(s) digital banners
  • Various merchandise, including: mugs, travel mugs, air fresheners, screen wobblers and charging block
  • Behaviours online game and competition: To bring to life what each behaviour means to Team Knowhow experts in different roles, we created the ‘Super helpful stars’ game for new members of Team Knowhow. The aim of the 25 level game was to collect as many stars as possible by completing each level and earning between 0 and 3 stars. The player could then ‘cash in’ their stars for a chance to be entered into a draw for cash prizes.
  • Managers’ ‘toolbox’: 1,800 boxes were sent out to Managers across the business to give them the tools they needed to explain everything Team Knowhow to their teams. Outside, the box looked like an on-brand ‘Team Knowhow’ box of tools. Inside, the contents were split across ‘The knowledge tray’ and ‘The tools drawer’.
  • Day 1 launch pack containing bunting, conversation cards and a behaviour wheel

T H E  R E S U L T S

The rollout of Team Knowhow to ~30,000 Dixons Carphone colleagues was a roaring success. The new business and brand were wholeheartedly embraced and our launch materials widely used.

  • 60+ Service Champions recruited, providing insight and supporting local engagement activities
  • 60,000+ views of the social learning videos across the intranet
  • 13,521 members of Team Knowhow workplace group, with 7,800 active weekly users
  • 5,400 colleagues interacting with Team Knowhow intranet content on the day of launch, representing 20% of accounts
  • 14,800 additional visits to Team Knowhow content on the Retail intranet and app
  • 5,600 visits to the Team Knowhow launch microsite
  • 126,648 plays of the Super Helpful Stars game by 1748 players, including 1123 submissions for the prize draw and 832 players getting the maximum number of stars
  • All employees began their training before Day 1 of Team Knowhow launch
  • All sites held launch events (Acton, stores nationwide, CSCs, Contact Centres and Newark)
  • 18.6 miles of bunting hung!
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