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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Los Angeles is a hyper-competitive — and expensive — market with a high cost of living. So, it’s a challenge to recruit out of state candidates — particularly for hard-to-fill clinical roles, such as specialty nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Then there’s the matter of perception: people tend to think of UCLA strictly as a college. Even if the organization overcomes that obstacle, others assume it only hires doctors and nurses. In reality, UCLA’s most critical needs are non-clinical roles such as tech, IT and administrative positions that require it to compete with companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook, as well as Silicon Valley companies and startups outside of the healthcare sphere.

T H E  S O L U T I O N

In order to attract and engage the right talent, UCLA Health had to redefine its talent acquisition efforts. Further, because the organization receives upwards of 250,000 applications per year and there are a limited number of positions to fill, Human Resources had to successfully whittle down candidates for clinical and non-clinical roles. UCLA Health partnered with Hodes, a part of Symphony Talent to take its employer brand to the next level. Backed by sound research, the organization focused on messaging that both empowered the employee while highlighting the significance of the role they will play at UCLA Health and in the lives of patients. The copy and visual treatment rest firmly in the overall branding, allowing for consistent communication across all channels, from raising awareness to onboarding and beyond. This includes outdoor boards, print collateral, career site, targeted rich media ads, personalized drip campaigns, enhanced job description pages (EJDs), Brand Guidelines, in-office signage, swag and more. By combining these pieces with a complete career website overhaul, UCLA Health can offer a personalized, seamless candidate experience, allowing the organization to better compete with companies inside, and outside, of the healthcare industry.

T H E  R E S U L T

UCLA Health brought its mission, vision and values to the core of its employer value proposition. Expressing authenticity and activating its employees as advocates, UCLA Health has driven an emotional connection to the brand, leading to an increase in early retention and improved patient satisfaction overall. UCLA Health achieved a 36 percent reduction on job search bounce rates and 30 percent fewer multiple search results page views in just under eight weeks following the migration of its career site’s search capabilities to the Google Cloud Talent Solution. The organization has also seen a 49 percent reduction in time spent on job searches, a 33% cost reduction in marketing spend per-hire, and a 12 day reduction in average time-to-fill role placements. UCLA Health already enjoys a 12 percent lift in conversion rates from job searches as compared to the same timeframe in the previous year.

  • 36% reduction on job search bounce rates
  • 49% reduction in time spent on job search
  • 33% cost reduction in marketing spend per-hire post-campaign launch
  • 12 day reduction in average time-to-fill across all role placements


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