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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

  • Develop an innovative, eye-catching graduate campaign to raise awareness of Unilever’s Future Leaders’ Programme in Europe and positioned us as a top employer.
  • As our respected programme takes on graduates across the business, and across the continent, the campaign needed to be digital and showcase what life at Unilever is really like.

We started with research. We held a digital workshop with current participants of the Unilever Future Leaders’ Programme (UFLP) to better understand the digital channels our target market was active on.

From our discussions with the UFLPs, one thing became clear: authenticity matters

  • Posed, stock-y photography (such as graduates using photocopiers) was not engaging – and was in fact, ridiculed
  • Using user-generated content on relevant social channels was seen as a good way to keep the conversation authentic and honest
  • Our target audience is keen to work for an organisation with purpose, so showing the real work that UFLPs do is key

T H E  S O L U T I O N

We created #RealCareers, a powerful multi-channel digital campaign that positioned Unilever as a transparent graduate employer.

Staying true to our insights, this campaign calls out the recognisable tropes of unrealistic, uninspiring, and often untrue, graduate recruitment photography in a light-hearted shareable style before demonstrating that, at Unilever, the truth is a lot more exciting. We invited 10 UFLPs from across Europe to act as our ambassadors (including a number volunteers from our original workshop, who’d totally bought into the concept).

At the heart of our campaign, the UFLPs parodied stock photography before creating their own content about what a career at Unilever is really like. The campaign then used this user-generated content to showcase what it’s really like to be an UFLP – no scripts, no stock shots, just existing UFLPs sharing their own fantastic stories.

The campaign included:

  • A launch video that was pushed out on social by Unilever’s global careers page and by each individual European region, using #RealCareers
  • Individual videos for each UFLP, featuring their own user-generated content juxtaposed with their stock mannequin footage
  • LinkedIn blog posts for each UFLP – in which they talk more about their experiences on the Future Leaders’ Programme
  • A series of Glassdoor review videos in which a number of our UFLPs read and responded to real Glassdoor reviews

T H E  R E S U L T S

We tracked results across both Unilever’s regional careers pages’ activity and our global careers page. The results were impressive.

1.7 million total reach

800,014 total views

31,300 link clicks

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