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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Running its Future Leaders Internship and Graduate programmes globally, its key for Unilever to be considered as a real employer of choice. To get students to start thinking about the brand as a potential employer, Unilever wanted to create a global digital marketing campaign that:

– Spoke to millennials around the world
– Engaged and recruited student talent in an ever-competitive global market
– Stepped up the Unilever Employer Brand
– Created disruption and memorability in a heavily saturated market- but championed a real cause or issue
– Grew the company’s social presence so students could be engaged with career opportunities post-campaign.

We knew to have the kind of reach they wanted, we needed to come up with an idea that truly spoke to this generation. We needed an idea that would transcend geographies and that young people would notice and identify with, then we hit on an insight.

T H E  S O L U T I O N

The most important tool we needed to ensure our innovation would meet the brief was real insight – a truth that we could reach and engage our student audience with. No small insight, idea or creative execution would do. Only big, brave, innovative thinking would achieve the reach Unilever was looking for. Just as our millennial audience regularly do, Unilever wanted to champion a real cause rather than just deliver a corporate message. That’s why we identified a genuine global issue without a champion and set about to #PutitRight.

The issue: Unfortunately it often goes under the radar, but with just a small amount of research we quickly saw that all over the world millennials are being unfairly represented, generalised and labelled by the global media as lazy, ignorant, narcissistic, work-shy etc.

Unilever know from experience this just isn’t true for the vast majority of young people. So, together, we created a campaign to highlight the very real, pervasive problem of millennial stereotyping. To position Unilever as a champion of amazing millennial achievement inside and outside of their business to encourage young people to consider a career at Unilever. We called the campaign #PutItRight and launched it with a powerful video.

As an employer brand building campaign, the creative needed longevity. A multi-channel, multiexecutional creative comms plan was executed over 6 months through Unilever global social channels.

We produced a multitude of creative executions from videos and event booths, to microsites and mini social campaigns to bring the #PutItRight campaign to life across Unilever Careers global social channels. Through the Unilever Global Careers and Unilever Future Leaders League social channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram we broadcast our message and invited interaction through mini-campaigns like #millennialsmadethis and #mymillennial.

Video was a central channel for the campaign. Beyond the launch and wrap up films, we created more than 30 shorter pieces of video content featuring real millennials. We set up a booth at Unilever Future Leaders League global final to capture genuine reaction from real millennials of many different nationalities to real global media headlines.

The ‘GenY Generator’ microsite gave people the opportunity to explore the genuine media coverage about young people, and a link through to read the full article and share the content.

Unilever senior leadership, including Unilever CEO, Paul Polman, championed the #PutItRight campaign from the start. In fact, at the Unilever Future Leaders League global final, a Unilever HR Officer launched the campaign.

Unilever local employer branding teams from around the world also fully embraced the #PutItRight campaign, contributing to its unprecedented reach. And they haven’t just pushed the global content, they’ve created their own.

The global public have been highly engaged: liking, commenting and sharing. The Put It Right hashtag was even liberally used by an independent Belgium based agency. They were so passionate about millennial talent that they ‘adopted’ young people into their business. Off the back of this the #PutItRight campaign was covered in international press.


T H E  R E S U L T S

The campaign’s reach is staggering. Taking the innovative, consumer style approach of championing a cause has achieved unprecedented reach across the world for Unilever’s Employer Brand. The campaign has reached millions and engaged thousands of people all over the world with Unilever’s unwavering belief in millennial talent.

Creating such reach and engagement globally with this digital campaign over a 6 month window (April – October 2016), then allows Unilever recruiters in countries all around the world to ‘pick-up the baton’ and start to inform a totally engaged audience about the amazing career opportunities on offer to millennial talent at Unilever.

109.9 million impressions of #PutItRight

15.7 million reach across all channels

1.9 million views of the video

950,000+ mentions of hashtag

31,842 increase in Twitter and Facebook followers


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