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T H E  C H A L L E N G E

Willis Towers Watson is a newly merged business, formed when Willis and Towers Watson joined forces. As one, they are a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company now looking to develop their profile as an employer, particularly among student and graduate talent. A real innovation was required to:

– Raise awareness of the business with a cut-through campaign
– Show that by working together it’s possible to achieve more – as demonstrated by the creation of Willis Towers Watson and their corporate tagline: ‘Together we unlock potential
– Achieve 124 graduate and 96 intern hires

T H E  S O L U T I O N

We created ‘High Flyers’ – a HTML game played by two players on a big screen on campus, and by a single player online. The game challenged players to get has high as possible by flying a digital hot air balloon, avoiding obstacles and collecting boosts, with high scores recorded on a leaderboard. The on-campus version required two players to work together to illustrate how key collaboration is to success – one player operating the burner and the other controlling the wind direction. Both games had a separate prize of a hot air balloon ride for two.

We knew that simply adhering to the corporate brand guidelines on a standard on-campus stand wouldn’t get us noticed. Instead, we collaborated with the Willis Towers Watson global brand team to create a bespoke, graduate-specific, branded game that was connected to, but distinct from, the corporate brand and used the tweaked end line, ‘Together, we unlock our potential’. Our approach gave students an experience that would help cement the brand and collaborative spirit in their minds. It wasn’t possible to visit all the campuses, so the innovation needed to work both in-person and online, and fit into the wider social media content marketing strategy.

Using specialist game designers and developers, we were able to create something that is fun to play and that allows students to engage with the business in a collaborative and different way. By fully integrating the game with the in-person events on campus and our social media strategy online, we embraced the engagement potential of the game and drove students to it at every opportunity. Once there, players could enjoy the game as many times as they liked and link to the Willis Towers Watson careers site, too.




T H E  R E S U L T S

The game was fully embraced on campus and online, with the impressive repeat game play stats testament to its playability.

– 3,338 plays of the game
– 82% of players played more than once
– 2,744 repeat plays
– 8 plays on average per player
– 7.4% of players clicked through to the Willis Towers Watson careers site
– 45% of recipients opened follow-up email
– 191,548 reach of game promotion through social media

We followed up with an email to the players we met on campus and saw excellent engagement, with just over 45% opening the email and a 22.09% clicking through.

Across social, we saw great engagement stats from targeted audiences – individuals studying at specific universities, included in a small budget paid campaign. We drove awareness of WTW and the opportunities available across university students with nearly 500,000 impressions.

The total reach of our social campaign was 191,548 individuals who matched our targeted demographic from across the UK. In total, we drove over 1,000 link clicks to the WTW careers website and High Flyers game.

In the end, all hires were achieved – a great success.

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